Unique Gifts That Impress

Every Yalda original is a collectible art piece that is both useful & beautiful.

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resin art perl coaster
resin art rainbow coaster
Pink & white cake display

Functional & Collectable Art Pieces

Each Yalda original is a one of a kind work of art that has a purpose. From coasters to tables and pendants, Yalda resin art is a collectable gift of art that is both beautiful and useful. Gift sets and individual pieces available.

Authentic Original Art

Every piece is highly collectible and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity showing that is a genuine handmade Yalda original.

A picture of the piece is provided on the certificate and is also kept in our gallery as further proof of authenticity.

Resin Art Collection

The perfect gift idea. Shop our resin art collections of pendants, platters, coasters, and more. Each collectible work is a valuable art piece to be prized and can be passed on as heirlooms for future generations.